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The Battle of Midway, by Craig L Symonds (2002 - 332 pp)

The naval battle that broke Japan. With the ability to decipher Japanese codes, the U.S. baited the trap and destroyed 4 carriers, the heart of the Japanese fleet.



The Conquering Tide: War in the Pacific Islands, by Ian W. Toll (2016)

Magnificent overview of the war in the central pacific by noted Naval historian Toll, from Midway to the climactic battles of the Marianas, Iwo Jima and Okinawa.



Incredible Victory: The Battle of Midway, by Walter Lord (1967 - 306pp)

This classic of Naval literature was the the first to detail for general readers the amazing events at Midway and is a must-read for any Naval history buff.



Shattered Sword, by Jonathan Parshall (2007 - 640pp)

Outstanding groundbreaking history of Midway from the Japanese perspective, causes of their defeat both logistical, cultural and circumstantial.



Joe Rochfort's War, Elliot Carlson (2011 - 616pp)

One of the war's true heroes, Rochefort broke the Japanese code, deciphered plans for Midway and thoroughly embarrassed his off-base superiors in DC .



Ghosts in the Fog,  by Samantha Seiple (2011 - 342 pp)

The unknown story of the Japanese invasion of the Aleutians in June, 1942, the many naval battles during attempts to supply them and the eventual suicidal final battles to-the-last-man.


Escape from Daveo, by John D. Lucaks (2011 - 448pp)

Tense account of the dramatic escape of 10 U.S. POW's in the Philippines after their capture by the Japanese and ordeals at Bataan and Corregidor.



Guadalcanal, by Richard B. Frank (1992 - 886pp)

Excellent, gripping account of this prolonged brutal struggle for the Solomon Islands and critical Allied access to S.E. Asia and Australia.



Tin Can Titans,  by John Wukovitz (2017 - 352 pp)

Great tale of Destroyer Squadron 21 (DesRon 21) and the hotly contested action in the Solomon Islands, The Slot, New Guinea, the Philippines, Okinawa ending in Tokyo. DesRon 21 saw it all.



Neptune's Inferno, by James D. Hornfischer (2012 - 544pp)

Engaging, dramatic saga of the 7 major naval engagements around Guadalcanal, new uses of radar, chaotic night battles and innumerable carrier air ops.  



War at the End of the World, by James P. Duffy ((2016 - 448pp)

A dramatic, forgotten narrative of the MacArthur's grinding, systematic campaign to reconquer New Guinea. A brilliant military achievement  with MacArthur at his finest



Lightning Strike, by John P. Davis (2006 - 400pp)

FDR personally gave the go-ahead to shoot down Yamamoto when plans for his inspection tour of S.E. Asia were deciphered by U.S. cryptographers. 



One Square Mile of Hell, by John Wukovitz (2007 - 336pp)

Key to the Eastern pacific, Tarawa was the most heavily fortified war zone in the Pacific and the U.S 2nd Marines most heroic and costly offensive.



Clash of the Carriers, by Barrett Tillman (2006 - 368pp)

Stirring account of the Battle of the Philippine Sea, a knock-out blow for Japan's navy air which lost 3 carriers, 600 planes and hundreds of pilots.



The Battle of Leyte Gulf,  by Thomas J. Cutler (1994 - 343pp)

Possibly the largest naval battle in history. Japan came close, but ultimately lost 26 major surface ships and was never again a fighting navy.



The Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors, by James D. Hornfischer (2005 - 528pp)

One of the best, most heroic navy stories ever. A small squadron of U.S destroyers held off a far larger enemy battle group and saved the day at Leyte.  



Whirlwind: The Air War Against Japan 1944-1945, by Barrett Tillman
(2011 - 336 pp)

Gritty account of the air war waged by Gen Curtis LeMay in which 67 Japanese cities were firebombed, destroying over 50% of their geographical area.



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